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Foam repair balm with active protection

Effective 4 fold formula that helps against athlete’s feet, reduces foot perspiration, eliminates foot odor and provides a pleasant refreshed feeling. Leaves skin soft and protected.


This active substance combination of chamomile oil, combined with bisabolol, glycerine, panthenol and grape-seed oil, cares for and protects stressed foot skin.

Use: Shake before use and hold the foam cap down while applying. Massage an about cherry-size amount evenly and gently into the cleaned skin daily.

Camillen 60 - Fresh Protect 10% Urea - Anti-fungal and deodorizing care

  • For hygiene and quality assurance reasons, all sales are final. We unfortunately cannot accept any exchanges or returns requests. Also, because each person can react differently to the use of a product and this reaction depends on several factors over which we have no control, we can not guarantee customer satisfaction. When placing your order, you accept these terms and acknowledge that your product selection corresponds to your needs.

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