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Mother & Daughter

Susi & Daniella

About the girls...


Susi became a licensed nail technician 18 years ago in Germany and achieved more certificates over the years. She was also trained by a four time German Champion. In 2009 she became a Nail Master allowing her to teach students. Her nail salon in her home town in Germany was very well known with steady loyal clientele. In 2015 she returned with her family to Canada. After working in various nail salons she decided in December 2016 to open a mobile spa service and is founder of Beauty at Your Door. Susi specializes in nail extensions, manicures, pedicures, waxing services as well as Swedish deep tissue massages. Her goal is to give the most pampering beauty service in the relaxed atmosphere of clients homes.

Daniella grew up with her mom’s beauty business and was fascinated about these services at a young age. After finishing her high school in Germany she returned with her family in 2015 to Canada. Here she decided to become a certified medical esthetician. She graduated December 2016 with honors and received a scholarship for a dermal institute. In June 2017 she became a skin expert for Dermalogica again graduating with honors. She is co founder of Beauty@ Your Door specializing in facials, eyelash extensions, teeth whitening, manicures, pedicures, waxing services as well as Coolsculpting.  She loves pampering clients with her facials.

Mother and daughter team
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