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Legs that stand or sit all day benefit greatly from Yards Camillen 60 Leg Balm, using the reviving power of Calendula Oils extract to get healthful circulation moving. The antioxidant properties of Vitamins A and E improve the look and feel of tired legs, and macadamianut oil reduces the inflammation that can plague legs that are limited in movement during the work day, strengthen the skin, while the bracing aromatherapy provided by menthol and camphor refresh the legs while lightening the mood. A gentle massage of this crisp-smelling balm truly wakes up tired legs, encouraging healthful activity after hours. Skin care from the toes up is the focus of Camillen 60, the German solution for the special needs of feet and legs. The expanding line of quality products first became available in the 1960s with the formulations that founder Hedwig Raue developed. Over 40 options now comprise the range.

How to use:

Be sure to use this specialized cream daily to improve blood and lymph circulation, moving your hands toward the heart while rubbing. Start the application at the ankles and then smooth the balm toward the knee with a circular motion, gently but firmly massaging the formula on aching calf muscles.


  • For hygiene and quality assurance reasons, all sales are final. We unfortunately cannot accept any exchanges or returns requests. Also, because each person can react differently to the use of a product and this reaction depends on several factors over which we have no control, we can not guarantee customer satisfaction. When placing your order, you accept these terms and acknowledge that your product selection corresponds to your needs.

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